My Work Sound Design Audio Implementation using Wwise   In Development… Mileage will be an Action Loaded Battle Racer. You can think of it as “Destruction Derby meets Mad Max” with some unique twists, that will be revealed later during production. Right now Mileage is in Pre-Production.

Monkey Strike

My Work Music Composition Sound Design In Development… In Monkey Strike, players build their deck from a variety of cards. The player who destroys the ship of their rival first, by dealing damage with cannons and a monkey crew, wins the game. The players boost their crew with inspirational speeches and hex their rival with curses. They hide mysterious treasures …

Title Screen for Worldforge


My Work Composing, Mixing and Mastering Trailer Music Final Mix and Mastering: Music, Original Sound and SFX Listen to the Music About Conquest of Mythodea “ConQuest of Mythodea” is the largest Live-Action-Role-Playing Convention worldwide with over 8.000 Players and about 1.500 Fulltime NPCs and Tribe-actors that is taking place every year in August. Together, all participants fill the fantastic continent …