Jason Graves: Video Game Sound Design

Jason Graves has created unique soundtracks and sound effects for many high-profile video games, from Dead Space to Far Cry Primal. MusicTech meets one of the most in-demand video-game composers in the world… Read the full Interview here: http://www.musictech.net/2017/02/video-game-sound-design-an-expert-speaks/

Remember Me: Behind the Interactive Soundtrack

  This 2014 talk from Olivier Deriviere and John Kurlander provides insight into the creative process behind the soundtrack of Remember Me, from facing the challenge of convincing all concerned to take a chance on something so musically different from the standard cyberpunk-genre soundtrack, to distilling the sensation of the game’s central theme of memory manipulation from a live orchestra, …

Sounds of Star Wars Battlefront: Part II

In the second Part of the series “Sounds of Star Wars Battlefront” its all about shields. Sound Designer Gustav Rathsman explains how the iconic sounds of these shields where developed. Read the article here.

VR for the Game Music Composer

In this Blog Post Composer Winifred Phillips, gathers together whats going on in the field of developing audio and music for VR. Read the full article here.